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Carrie Wallace

Carrie Wallace (Brown)is a practicing graphic designer an Associate in Sky Design in Atlanta, Georgia.She graduated from Auburn University. She was recently in a conversation with her superiors telling them of her positive influences in her high school art classes. It was funny that day she saw a woman on the street in Atlanta that looked like me and wondered what I was doing. It was that same day that I had sent her an email and we reconnected. Carrie was always the artist chosen to design the ads, programs, logos, and always did an incredible job. She now expands her skills and talents in the workplace. Here is the web site of the company where she now works: http://www.skydesigngraphics.com

Forshortened Boy on Stool
Hot Dog!
Leaves:What would you see if you walked into my world?
Grid Drawing Art II
The Halls the Way I want to see them!
Art I Cover Line Design