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Digital Art Portfolio

When recruited to begin the electronic media program at Carver, my students did amazing work. Here are just a few examples. more of their electronic portfolios will be housed in the MEMBERS ONLY section of My Virtual Art Room.

El. Media I: Flip Book Animation
People and Patterns
Digital Self Portraiture:Santos Rios
Digital Woodcuts Yvonne Lopez
What if Leonardo Had a Laptop!
Opposite Effects
Contour FIlled up Digitally
LOGO:Name that Company!
Digital Collage
Filtered Feeling
Creation Statements
Stop the Press!
Senior Show Posters
Computer Contours: Sisters
Four Faces ( traditional media)
Four Faces (Digital Media)
Who Poster?
Digital Resume
Self with Statement
Four Faces
Four Faces Superimposed Color
Zip/CD Case Covers
Three Step Silkscreen