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Rich Koehler

Rich Koehler is a very talented young man. He enjoyed cartooning and did the most amazing Prismacolor enhanced images. Another of my favorites was when he did three dimensional clay pieces from his drawings then painted them to be realistic and photographed them in nature. He did a blue gorilla and a little Viking. Rich traveled to Australia after high school, returned to study at the University of North Texas. He just got married and is a practicing artist and Creative Director in the Dallas, Tx area. Here is some of his current work on his blog...(shared with his permission) http://www.facebook.com/l/d8c9d78NhIKVRRpZhj5eyCfz54Q/www.artofrichk.blogspot.com. I’m He is trying to focus on doing one style, but enjoys doing different styles of paintings.

Self Portrait with Cartoon background
Blue Gorilla
Foreshortened Contour
Boy on Ladder in Prismacolor