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Celia Calle

What an amazingly talented young lady. She worked in tempera paint on canvas and did these fabulous Nagel like ladies with white skin and dark hair. I saw a web site with an artist of the same name in the New York area. Then it was taken down so I am delighted to say that I found Celia.She admitted being embarrassed by her high school work. I assured her that she has inspired many young people through the years by allowing me to photograph and share it. She is an illustrator in New York. Cella has invited me to New York for a visit and a tour,and I have absolutely added that to my bucket list. Here are her current web sites and blogs shared with her permission. Enjoy her past and present work! http://www.celiacalle.com, http://cofcircles.blogspot.com, http://celiacalle.com/c_shop.html, http://myspace.com/circlec,

Lady looking down
Saying Rosary
Indian Squaw ( Oil)
Black and White Lady