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Words From Joan Maresh Hansen—Founder of HeArtWorks and Company

Dear fellow art enthusiasts,

My vision and philosophy about art education is that the learning and exploration of art never ends. As a teacher one of my biggest challenges was balancing the time I spent in class preparation and organization in order to increase my time spent with students. Throughout the years I experimented with various teaching strategies and time management techniques. As a result, I came up with an effective method of teaching that made my life as a teacher easier and more rewarding because it vastly improved my performance as a teacher and it enhanced the experience of my students in their artistic efforts.

I created The ArtWorkBook to be the most comprehensive resource of materials and strategies to enhance your own creativity and to save you time. I wanted to share with you the most effective lesson plans and teaching strategies to make your life as an educator more rewarding, creative, and FUN. The Ebooks and offerings here are meant to be an ART EDUCATOR'S DREAM come TRUE! When I began as an art teacher there wasn't an effective resource I could turn to. I want to change all of that for you.

I realized that teachers inspire other teachers, and students inspire other students. ArtWork on the Web presents the best of both worlds. As an art teacher I continuously communicate with other educators in an exchange of ideas. We have truly inspired and motivated each other to always achieve excellence in our chosen profession. I loved my students and regarded their work as a testament to their talents and successes. When I retired from teaching I saved and treasured the artwork my students left behind. These works are available here to inspire you on the wonderful art that can be created by young individuals. Sharing these past students' work to your students will also encourage them to realize that the projects are "doable."

Compiling these works was like an archeological dig, unveiling remnants of other times . . . like finding cave paintings or broken ceramic vases and sculptures that had to be put together. My search continued throughout the years and I met others along similar paths, gathering and hoarding treasures and teaching ideas . . . ALL FOR YOU!

My 34 years as an art teacher has been very rewarding! Teaching and art has been and continues to be my passion. Over three decades of my life as an art educator are represented in these Ebooks, catalogues, and presentations. These and products are designed to be a resourceful tool to educators at all levels to enhance their teaching experience.

My teaching life exemplifies the "best of both worlds" with almost a decade spent teaching art in a high-end Macintosh lab. As a result, I have learned and continue to expand my knowledge of digital technology using both a MAC and PC. This skill has really benefited those attending the Idea Institutes, a seminar I conduct throughout the country.

Memories of students and our work together has been such a blessing and it has enriched my life beyond belief. I recently visited one of my former students who is now an animator for Walt Disney. He took me on a special tour of Disney World and throughout that time, I couldn't hide my pride at his achievements and it all began in my classroom. I keep in touch with my other students to this day. Many of them are successful individuals: artists, designers, and creative professionals who are all enjoying what they do and making a living doing it.

It is my goal to present to you the history and the future here at ArtWork on the Web. Explore the offerings on this site and continue on your journey to art and teaching excellence. This site is continuously growing . . . I will be adding additional material and resources so come back often to see what's new.

Blessings & All my best,

Joan Maresh Hansen, Founder and Artwork Bootcamp Director

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