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Everything YOU NEED to TEACH ART…

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Any Way YOU Want to TEACH it!

The ArtWork Books Series:


  • A comprehensive and time saving art resource
  • Full of information and classroom strategies
  • Empower art enthusiasts with material to facilitate the understanding of art .
  • Different volumes of The ArtWorkBook are NOW available in an E-book format 24/7.


How would you like to get your hands on proven methods of successful art processes and ideas?
What if you had guaranteed procedures that have been proven over the test of time?


See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series.

Click: The Art Work Book Set.


AWBACN-cover.pngVolume I Art Class Notes 

  • Saves YOU hundreds of hours in preparing lesson plans
  • Over 160 lesson plans in 1-2 page formats.

Each lessons is formatted to provide the following:


  • Objectives
  • Tools and materials
  • Timelines
  • Procedures
  • Continuations and variations
  • Terminology
  • Motivational resources
  • Questioning strategies

Over 400 ideas in the following categories:

    • Drawing (people, contour, and still life)
    • Mixed media (collage, turpentine transfer, and resist)
    • Art Careers (logo and illustration)
    • Design (positive-negative space, line, shape, color, etc.)
    • Painting (watercolor, acrylic, and oils)
    • Sketchbooks, Journals and Altered Books
    • Printmaking (stenciling, linoleum block printing, serigraphs, and entaglio etching on plexiglass).
    • Sculpture (paper mache, masks, slit-slot sculptures, clay hand building techniques, and more).
  • Use ACN's customized formatted lesson plans as a guide for your presentations.
  • ACN are ideal for use with absent or tardy students to allow them to catch up with the class.
  • ACN offers various ideas on how lessons can be implemented to a specific class /art level.
  • ACN contain traditional and new methods of teaching art so YOU can choose which method suits your classrooms.
  • If YOU want to expand your knowledge of different art processes, YOU 'll greatly benefit from ACN.

The NEW expanded version of The Art Class Notes, has the following additional art projects contained and is updated from the original publication.


  • Introduction to simple printmaking techniques include:
  • linoleum block printing,
  • serigraphs, and
  • entaglio etching (on plexiglass).
  • extrapolation of prints allows students to experiment in this method. YOU will be surprised at the incredible results achieved.


  • Introduction to simple sculpture processes including
  • : paper mache,
  • slit-slot sculptures, and
  • clay hand building techniques.
  • media use and techniques,
  • creative ideas are incorporated to allow the artist opportunities to personalize their art to reinforce the expression of their unique ideas.
  • See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series.

    Click: The Art Work Book Set.

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    Teacher's Almanac Volume II: The Teacher’s Almanac

    Provides the proper management and organization for art classes.

    Effectively deal with artistic students with a diverse array of personalities and attitudes.

    Assist artists to stay on course and on schedule. All of the material will make a school year run a little smoother.

    Being organized is essential to the management of any successful corporation and the same holds true for teachers. YOU must develop successful systems in her classroom. This helps YOU manage your classroom with efficiency and order.

    Included are:

    • Gain effective classroom management and organization techniques.
    • Enhance your interaction and communication to students
    • Get to the business of teaching art rather than having to continuously “discipline” an unruly class.
    • Eliminate confusion and chaos to promote order and productivity in the art classroom.
    • Your classrooms is organized, creative, and a nurturing environment where artists learn to develop a positive work attitude and good work ethics as they pursue their artistic potential.

    Teacher's Almanac includes:

    • Why Study Art? (introductory presentation)
    • Effective class rules and requirements
    • Organizational techniques: seating charts, clean-up charts, evaluations and more.
    • Calendar to outline course of study
    • Suggested course of study for each level.
    • See slide show of art work as a result of the Art Work Book series: The Art Work Book Set.
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    Drawing Conclusions DescriptionDrawing Conclusions

    Drawing— the most universal form of art expression! Learn how to instruct effectively in realizing the shift that must occur, within one's mind, in order to successfully draw what YOU see. Numerous traditional and experimental approaches to drawing and seeing processes are introduced.  Included are exemplary artworks to evidence the effectiveness of the lessons. Sample student artwork, archived from a 34 years veteran teacher are shared. Such examples encourage and inspire one to realize you can achieve great art if you are willing to do what it takes.



    Included projects are:

    • Blind and modified contour drawing
    • Effective use of sketchbooks
    • Gesture drawing
    • Portraying people for a likeness
    • Working with still life,
    • Perspective
    • Pencil, pen, and ink techniques

    Frederick Franck who wrote " Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing," states:

    “. . . my eyes have always been in love with the splendors of the world that surround us. My response to what I see has been to draw, and the more I have drawn the greater has become my delight in seeing and my wonder at the great gift of being able to see. One day I realized suddenly that the seeing and the drawing had fused into one single undivided act. I called it seeing/drawing. It was a revelation, and it changed my life."

    This volume conveys the method of rendering what is seen on paper or canvas. Learn how to unify the idea of seeing and drawing into a cohesive act that will encourage you to continuously practice drawing to improve your artistic skills.


    See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series. Click: The Art Work Book Set.

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    Painting in Watercolor Volume V: Notes on Painting

    Notes on Painting covers the exciting possibilities of working in wet media. The use of watercolor, acrylic, and oils are addressed with clear step-by-step approaches. Educators will learn how to introduce the novice painter on how to manipulate paint as well as enhance the more experienced student artist on new ways of expressing their work in a vibrant wet media.

    Many often experience various challenges in using wet media. As exciting as it may be, one often feels overwhelmed with paint. Provided are fun and innovative ideas to employ in the introduction of wet media to your repertoire of art skills.

    Two part volume contains:

    • Section I introduces watercolor as an exciting and fun media.
    • Section II reveals the techniques of the great masters of art in acrylic & oils.

    Exercises such as “A Dozen Watercolor Techniques” and “Painting like Picasso” will stimulate your creativity and courage in experimenting with this exciting new medium. Examples of art works using the techniques are featured.


    See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series. Click: The Art Work Book Set.



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    Art Careers: Living the Life you Love
    Art Careers: Living The Life You Love

    • Classroom-based on-the-job training exercises
    • Prepares art students how to think and work as professional artists.
    • 58 career simulation exercises,
    • Presents numerous possibilities for the creative person to make a living in the field of art.
    • Problem or task that would be found in a work environment include:
    • Creating a book illustration,
    • Business logo, or
    • Package design just to name a few.
    • Assignment increase one's awareness as to what kind of skills are needed to be successful in different art careers.

    Exercises are designed to transform weaknesses into strengths

    Increase one's competitive advantage in pursuing a creative career.

    Develops a work ethic in any field of endeavor, while preparing a budding artist into a professional creative mind that can excel in the creative field.

    Armed with an education, and the skills needed to succeed in a particular field can eliminate the idea of a starving artist.

    Artists are passionate about their work. Art Careers: Living the Live you Love is an important volume in awakening amateur artists with desires to be creative professionals who love what they do while making money doing it. You'll truly love the projects.

    Young artists will appreciate the fact that their art teacher had the wisdom and foresight to prepare them in this career simulation project.

    Author Marsha Sinetar states in her book "Do What You Love Most and the Money Will Follow:”

    "Work is a natural vehicle for self expression because we spend most of our time in its thrall. It simply makes no sense to turn off our personality, squelch our real abilities, forget our need for stimulation and personal growth forty hours out of every week."

    Art Careers: Living the Live you Love is a resource every passionate and dedicated educator must have to incorporate in their curriculum to positively impact the lives of their art students beyond the classroom.


    See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series. Click: The Art Work Book Set.


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    Digital Design & DiariesDigital Design Book & Diaries

    Digital Design Book & Diaries

    • Provides clear instructions in teaching various design software programs.
    • Methods based upon the successful implementation of a Texas ART Magnet school's communication graphics design program.
    • Effective step-by-step instructions and presentations on how to use digital technologies.
    • Sheds the mystery of using the computer to create art.
    • Software used in this volume include: Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Painter, and others.
    • "Tra-digital” involve combining traditional art work with digital media to create artwork. 
    • Over 20 projects include the following:
    • Computer Contours
    • Posterization to Prints
    • Digital Woodcuts
    • Name That Company: Logo Design
    • If Leonardo Had a Laptop
    • Opposite Effects
    • Symbolic Still Life
    • Sketchbook to Scanners
    • Digital Collage
    • Animation Station: Animated flip books
    • Filtered Feelings
    • Creation Statements
    • Stop the Press: Desktop Publishing
    • Advertising Art Show Posters
    • Paper Picture Show: Leave Behinds
    • Comical Combinations
    • People with Patterns
    • Zip Case Cover Up
    • Once Upon a Page: Stationary Design
    • Multimedia presentations
    • Digital self-portraits
    • Photo and image manipulations
    • Digital portfolios
    • and more…


    See “before and after” examples of past student artworks to inspire students.

    Clear step-by-step procedures on how to manipulate digital media technologies,

    How to solve problems using digital media, and the

    most efficient way of using software to create original works are covered.

    Digital Design Book & Diaries is an important tool for all educators who want to keep abreast of the latest trend in digital art.


    See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series. Click: The Art Work Book Set.

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    WATCH for Upcoming Future VOLUMES of The ArtWorkBook Series:

    • Design Decisions
    • Creative Crafts
    • Little Black Idea Book
    • Packing a Mean Portfolio
    • Celebrating Conference Creativity
    • The Big Book-all-volumes-in-one
    • Flash Cards

    Joan Presenting

    Note from the Author:Joan Maresh Hansen

    It has taken years to gather, organize, and refine the volumes in The ArtWorkBook.

    Now, YOU can benefit from this comprehensive resource. I would love to hear from you. Share your success stories and interests in various art processes in the Get Published section of the soon to be launched MEMBERS ONLY section of MyVirtualARTRoom.com.

    If you have any questions or comments, let me hear from you.

    This site and it's sister sites have been in the works for the last five years and we've only seen the tip of the iceburg as there is so much more to put up on the sites for you to enjoy.Thanks in advance for your patience. As Dr. Joe Vitale said, " I was worthy of being hacked." he was and so was I and the sites are slowly but surely being rebuilt. 1600 pieces of artwork are being uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

    See Flickr Slide show of art work done as a result of the Art Work Book series. Click: The Art Work Book Set.

    "Yearning is the energy source we plug into."

    "Any artisan is only as good as her tools ( and resources) and how she uses them."