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Founder Joan Maresh-Hansen shares her passion and experience from her 34-year career as an art educator. Joan puts her heart and soul into the creation of the various seminars offered face to face and online.Responses below are from participants who attended these visually saturated workshops. Some presentations were done across Joan's great state of Texas and others in schools around the country. Joan appreciates the participants' willingness to express their responses. Responses are shared with permission of each of the participants. Thank you. Let Joan hear from you if your district or your group of teachers needs some NEW ideas!

  • August 2009: Lamar Consolidated Independent School District:
    "Joan makes everything fun, interesting, and creative.Her exuberance gushes on to all of us. Great stuff for us to go back and use in our classrooms. Today I was reminded how each student is important and we need to listen to them to see what is important in their lives. Loved all the lessons, it helps me as a teacher."
    Joan Batts, B.F.Terry High School

    "I was overwhelmed with teaching tips and ideas that are valueable.
    I will "steal" your ideas on classroom management and engaging every learner."
    Alana Kocich, Foster High School

    August 2008: Spring ISD

    " Thank you! Tons of great information!"

    Kim Abshere

    August 2007: Ector County Independent School District:

    "Oh my Gosh! I have never met someone with so much information!
    Everything is so well organized and worded so well!
    I feel so refreshed as opposed to feeling drained as I often feel after these workshops."

    Beckie Haynie, Odessa High School

    Creative Juices: Power to the Artsy People
    (The length of the session was):
    "Too short, Ms. Maresh could entertain for hours-a must for art lovers."
    (Would you recommend this session to others)?
    "YES! Not only professional beyond mere academia but awe inspiring!"
    (What did you like best about this session)?
    "The student work which was presented was so good, it was scarey!
    I learned that among artists, age is of no importance."

    Other comments:
    "There's no need to look any further for an application of higher level thinking and learning."

    Art-Technology Bootcamp June 5-7, 2000,San Francisco Unified School District
    "AH! Everything was relevant,exciting, well organized and presented. It was an extremely relevant and fast paced workshop. "

    "Joan is a tremendous expert and personality.
    It is great to know that such incredible mentor art teachers are available! More!"

    "Keep doing workshops to get (technological) weenies on the info highway! "

    "It was a great workshop; so informative and helpful and so much fun.
    I loved the presenter, Joan Maresh (Hansen). She was both gracious and knowledgeable. "

    "There was a lot to learn in three days but a good balance between lecture, hands-on and demos.The instructor was a master in her delivery, and understanding of technology and how to share that with teachers. Great examples of student work! Excellent examples in the handout materials, My classroom can be modeled after what we have been shown."
    Sheri Y. Facilitator, Art Instructor San Francisco Unified School District

    Streamwood High School, Chicago, Illinois

    "You are my kind of presenter/teacher...very motivating & full of energy,thanks!"
    Nancy R. Panhandle,Texas

    "I was the lady you demonstrated to at Richland High.
    I am writing to tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation and lecture.
    I was wondering if you have more information, I would be happy to pay you for your trouble.
    I used the options you shared and they worked really well."
    Gina C. Fort Worth, Texas

    "You have done fabulous things! You should teach Art Education in college to inspire."
    Lauren K. Fort Worth, Texas

    "Dear Joan Maresh (Hansen), I saw your presentation in Austin and got many ideas.
    As a second year teacher I need all the help I can get planning my curriculum.
    Whew! I want to order your Art Class Notes.
    I am grateful that a master teacher, like yourself, is sharing her wisdom." Thanks,"
    Amy R., Houston, Texas

    "It was perfectly awesome!"
    Susan W. St Agnes Academy, Houston, Texas

    "You worked with what you had to make a productive and fun day for all the art teachers in the district. Thanks!"
    Martha G., Coreyville I.S.D.

    "We had fun all day while learning new art processes. Thank you."
    Region IV, Huntsville,Texas

    "You should be a consultant for school districts across Texas to share all of your ideas."
    TexArkanna Independent School District, TexArkanna, Texas

    Trainings Available both face to face in beautiful retreat settings and online in webinars.
    The Artwork Bootcamp, and Bootcamp for 21st Century Classrooms: Technology will provide art educators with ideas for creative and effective classroom presentations of various art projects in both traditional forms and digital technology. The topics covered in the series include easy-to-follow instructions covering various art techniques and teaching strategies. You heard the enthusiastic participants sharing their responses to their experiences.

    Art educators and home schoolers will find effective and engaging art lesson plans, presentations, teaching tools, and suggested teaching practices to enhance their day-to-day teaching life. Experienced and beginning art teachers will greatly benefit from the ideas presented enabling them to elevate their level of interaction with students. For a more hands on instruction to art educators, the Ideas Institutes is an opportunity to meet with other art educators in a retreat setting to share and exchange ideas.
    COMING SOON! As an added interactive element, Joan has created MyVirtualArtRoom.com, a membership site that educators can access 24/7 for their own research and to use during classroom presentations.

    The gallery of Student Portfolios serves as a source of inspiration and evidence on how the effective teaching of art can unleash the artistic talent in young individuals. The materials in the series will develop students' creative and artistic potential and it will increase their breath of knowledge in the numerous art forms.

    Artwork on the Web is constantly evolving. Visit us often to see newly added features as Joan learns the new evolving technologies she will increase the offerings here.

    Join our mailing list to receive free downloads, and to see additional products made available to you. The products and services offered in this site will provide endless hours of possibilities of media, and exploration of subject matter. Students will be thrilled to see the successes of their peers.

    "Fun has a sacred dimension."Adriana Diaz

    "Creative breakthroughs are experiential. They don't come from intellectual analysis." Lucia Capacchione

    " Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each as the other person sees him,and each man as he really is." William James

    The continuous discovery of art is the journey to self-discovery . . .

    Note from the author:

    It has taken years to gather, organize, and refine the volumes in this and the sister web sites offering The ArtWorkBook series and other cool art stuff. Now, YOU can benefit from these comprehensive resources. I would love to hear from you. Share your success stories and interests in various art processes in the "Get published" section of MyVirtualArtRoom.com
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